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Note | Already rooted Android phone to enable high frame rate in games

The Redmi K40, as my backup phone, has a high refresh rate of 120 Hz that the iPhone 12 does not have. However, after I installed the PixelExperience system on my phone, I have not yet experienced what it feels like to play games at 120 Hz. After some research, I discovered that "App Disguise" can adjust the game to a high frame rate without affecting the system.


  • The phone supports high refresh rates.
  • The Android phone is rooted.
  • Magisk is installed.
  • LSPosed is installed.


  1. Download and install "App Disguise" from
  2. Open "LSPosed" and activate "App Disguise" in the "Modules" section, and select your game. If you cannot find the game, click on the options in the upper right corner and check "Hide Game".
  3. Open "App Disguise" and select the game you want to modify. In the "Phone Manufacturer" field, enter "vivo", and in the "Phone Model" field, enter "V2243A". (The specific model you enter should be based on the game you are adjusting, so please search for it yourself.)
  4. Click "Save" and then click "Force Stop" in the pop-up window, and grant superuser permissions.

After completing the above steps, you can re-enter the game and experience the pleasure of the high refresh rate screen.

The method works by modifying the software's recognition of the device model, thereby enabling the high frame rate feature. This method also applies to other software that restricts certain device models. If you have a rooted Android phone, you can give it a try.

Note | Enabling High Frame Rate in Games on Rooted Android Phones originally published on Jack's Space

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