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  • A newbie who doesn't understand technology but still wants to set up a blog
  • Not a perfectionist Virgo
  • A cat owner who has been serving for five years
  • Not a wide range of hobbies, but likes photography, traveling, and tinkering
  • INFJ-A

Blog Introduction#

I used to share bits and pieces of my life on QQ space and Moments, but gradually I realized that I longed for a more private, peaceful, and free space, so I created this blog.

Here, I will share my daily life, photography works, study notes, records of random tinkering, and some content that I can't think of at the moment.

If you find my blog interesting, feel free to leave your thoughts on the message board.

I hope you can have a pleasant reading experience here.

For information on how I built my WordPress blog, you can read the blog post "How I Built a Blog as a Newbie".

Find Me#

  • Blog is my headquarters, where I share everything, including my thoughts and ideas.

    In Articles, you'll find "articles," in Sayings, you'll find "thoughts," in Gallery, you'll find "photography works," and in Drawer, you'll find "project collections."

  • xLog is my second creative space. To prevent unexpected situations, I will gradually move blog posts to xLog.

  • Official Account is a collection of technology articles from my blog.

  • Twitter is where I chat and talk nonsense.

  • Instagram is the gallery where I share beautiful moments.

  • YouTube is where I record lovely moments around me.

  • Telegram Channel is a channel operated by me and my friend Dayu.

  • Of course, you can contact me via email at

  • If needed, Telegram is also a good way to reach me.

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